There are 9 restaurants in the hotel, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, banquet hall, which can host 1,200 guests. The hotel chef's cooking has a strong . In the opening, the hotel has Guinness World Records the most species of Chinese and Western buffet 1188 . Dishes with Dian Wei, Sichuan-based, Guangdong food supplemented, the cuisine brings together the classic north and south. When the construction of hotel, mined self-cultivation vegetarian recipes of bao guo temple of Qing Dynasty. The Vegetarian recipes respected mainly vegetarian, Yang Yan Yishou regimen .After many years of exploration and practice , introducing color, smell and taste of the new breed of self-cultivation vegetarian, so you eat healthy, eat longevity. Enjoy the classic vegetarian to enjoy years of healthy diets heritage.


    Health Hall on the third floor in the hotel ,offering all kinds of new breed of daily food regimen. The health hall including Zhicheng hall ,Zhihe hall ,Fuyue hall ,Hongyan hall , Jingguan hall , and Yiran hall . The VIP rooms of the health hall have different styles and sizes to meet your needs . Restaurants adhering to the regimen is the principle factor, providing you with quality health vegetarian. It is the best place of your friends and family get-together, business dinner.


    Versailles restaurant in the hotel has relaxed style, environment for people with high Yayi, and attentive service. It rings together a variety of specialties ,being full of rich romantic style. Business exquisite buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are available.



The Judefu Luxury restaurants is on the first floor in the hotel can accommodate 10-14 guests .Decoration is noble, elegant, chic, and with a separate sitting room.


The Fulushou Luxury restaurants is on the first floor. The area is 202 square meters, can accommodate 60 guests. The decoration is light and elegant, is the birthday or the high standard of hospitality at the ideal place.

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